Im born in Denmark, born in 1979 and I have been working with photography since 2005.

I began in a company where I started taking pictures of clothes for a webshop. In 2007 i bought my first dslr camera - a Canon eos d450. I started slowly. Didn't know much about manual settings so it was much with trail and error in the beginning. Later one of my soldier buddies who was a photographer at the time pushed me to begin exploring photography more and try working with models. I didn't know much about light and so on so I began to study for about 4-6 hours a day. Bought 2 300w Boling lamps with softbox. tripods, canvas and I was started.

For 1½-2 years I took pictures from my home, at meetups, at car shows and at various events. When I needed new things i bought them to be able to make better pictures. Much of the things I have is still the same things. Still got the tripods, canvas, speedlight flashes so for me it has been possible to keep the equipment at low cost. In 2012 i bought a Canon eos 650d and in 2014 i bought a Canon 5D mark III. The differences of the 3 cameras i have had is great. I didn't just jump from a low-end to the best but upgraded as my skills became better. Now you can call me a semi-pro photographer. I don't think I will ever be a professional. It's a hobby that I care for deeply and I always try to become better and try to learn new things when I press the shutter button.

4th Corner is my website where I show my pictures and projects to the people who are interested in my photography work.

The site is setup as a photography/blog so you can follow the different things I do. The site is newly build so there isn't much here yet but hopefully it will be full of different subjects, Pictures, Tips & tricks, FAQ's, Reviews and much much more interesting things.

Hopefully will find it easy to use and find interesting posts that you can use yourself.